From Classical to Geek: An Artist’s Incredible Transformation of Paintings

Lothlenan, a digital artist active on Tumblr, has found a way to bridge the gap between classical art and modern geek culture. By transforming timeless masterpieces into imaginative fantasy settings inspired by popular fandoms like Sailor Moon, Adventure Time, and The Legend of Zelda, Lothlenan brings a fresh perspective to these century-old paintings. The fusion of Anime elements with classical art creates a fascinating and contemporary allure.

If you’re an avid geek and find these revamped paintings mind-blowingly cool, you’re in for a treat! Currently, Lothlenan runs a Redbubble store, offering stunning prints of each design for art enthusiasts to adorn their walls with impressionist Totoro-à-la-Monet or other captivating pieces.

Take a moment to explore all seven masterpieces below and share your favorite in the comments!

More info: tumblr (h/t)

#1 “Woman With A Parasol” By Claude Monet

#2 “The Accolade” By Edmund Leighton

#3 The Scream (of Nature) By Edvard Munch

#4 “The Swing” By Jean-Honore Fragonard

#5 “A Portrait Of Louis Xiv” By Hyacinthe Rigaud

#6 “Self Portrait With Her Daughter” By Madame Le Brun

#7 “Lovers On A Swing” By Pierre Auguste

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